Additional Resource: “Science Under the Scope”

Additional Resource: “Science Under the Scope”

The primary mission of GSDS is to promote a diverse and inclusive graduate student community in the STEM fields here at UCSB. But how might we think about the intersection of diversity and science beyond our campus? “Science Under the Scope”, a webcomic by citizen-scientist Sophie Wang, explores this question.

Featured on the Free Radicals blog, the ongoing series discusses science in a broader social context, with the ultimate goal of helping readers (researchers or otherwise) understand the importance of creating a more equitable scientific community. Towards this goal, the online series dissects a few of the inherently non-objective aspects of science through motivating questions that include:

  1. Who is doing the research?
  2. Who controls the direction of the research?
  3. Who does the research benefit?
  4. Who does the research harm?

Along the way to answering these questions, concepts like strong objectivity and locatedness are introduced to better frame the discussion. Additionally, historical examples help establish a clear connection between the scientific community and the enveloping global community. The issues tackled thus far offer plenty to consider, and future comics promise even more thoughtful analysis. Overall I find the work engaging and informative, and I believe that it provides a springboard for deeper reflection of our diverse scientific community outside of my day-to-day research.

If any of the ideas briefly presented in this post grab your attention or give you pause, I definitely recommend that you give this series a read and follow its new releases. The first installment is included below, courtesy of Sophie. Read the rest on the Free Radicals site.