DOW Lecture Series

DOW Lecture Series

GSDS hosts well-known individuals from academia, industry, and national labs to campus two to three times each academic calendar. These campus visits include two talks: a technical talk describing their work and a diversity talk, frequently a description of how they got into their career and an informal discussion.

Additionally, UCSB student / post-doctoral researchers and visiting CSU students have the opportunity for more one-on-one conversations with speakers during meetings and meals. The DOW Lecture Series offers unique access to spectacular scientists, engineers, and people, and accordingly provides students scientific, professional, and personal insights.

Dow Foundation Lecture Series Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop a graduate student / post-doctoral researcher led seminar series in science that promotes research excellence and diversity from outstanding academic and industrial speakers.
  • Encourage and broaden the participation of under-represented groups in science and celebrate the increasingly diverse and global landscape of the scientific community.
  • Allow UCSB graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to visit the laboratories and research environments of academic and industrial speakers to establish collaborations, enhance networking opportunities and learn about future career prospects.