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About Us

Graduate Students for Diversity in Science is composed of an interdisciplinary group of young scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The cornerstone of the group lies in recognition of cultural heritage and diversity of many exceptional scientists who have set resilient foundations through research in their respective disciplines and across many boundaries. The group aims to foster a peer-to-peer mentorship atmosphere to promote research excellence and networking opportunities in academia and industry.

By means of generous support from the Dow Foundation, the group conceived the Dow Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series. Through these seminars, we honor the outstanding accomplishments of world renowned scientists who belong to under-represented groups, as well as outstanding scientists who have achieved success in a country that they have adopted as their home. As the scientific landscape has become increasingly diverse and global in the last fifty years, the invited speakers represent the expanding cultures behind the science that drives the future of our lives. Furthermore, a unique aspect of this program that truly makes an impact is that select students are supported to visit the invited speaker’s laboratory for the opportunity to give a presentation to the speaker’s research group, establish collaborations, and/or examine future job prospects and direction.

The Dow Foundation Lecture Series is open to the general public, and provides the setting for scientific and social interactions between students, professors, and industrial scientists by hosting open receptions for all invited speakers.

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